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 “YOUSHI”brand PU/PIR Foam Insulation Board is in sandwich structure, it belongs to one-time continuous product which produced with double-sided aluminum foil and polyurethane foam . Through special treatment ,the double-sided non-woven fabrics ensure good adhesion between layers. Intermediate PU foam insulation layer has a reliable guarantee for cell delicate, uniform density, strength and thermal insulation performance by adopt advanced mixing and fabric technology.


1、Low thermal conductivity

YOUSHI” Brand PU/PIR Panel is a very good energy-saving material which have excellent thermal insulation properties with thermal conductivity less than 0.024 W/m•K. In the same insulation effect, the insulation effect of 25mm polyurethane rigid foam insulation layer  is equivalent to 40mm thick EPS, 45mm thick mineral wool, 140mm thick cork, 380mm thick concrete or 860mm thick ordinary brick. What’s more, the insulation layer Thickness is about 40% lower than EPS.

2、Insulation, Waterproof, Soundproof.

The experiment shows that our PU/PIR foam insulation layer has very low water absorption, when the moisture content add 1% v / v, the thermal conductivity only increased about 3%. At the same time, due to the excellent closed-cell structure of PU/PIR foam insulation layer, it has excellent sound insulation, which can provide a comfortable, quiet indoor environment.

3、Strong Self-bonding

Compared with similar insulation materials, our PU/PIR foam can be directly bonded with cement, steel structure, clay, asphalt, wood, glass, plastic and other materials without any adhesive, the bonding strength is greater than its own crack strength. It fully meet the technical requirements of China's external wall insulation works.

4、Physical and chemical properties and stability.

PU/PIR rigid foam can adapt to a wide temperature range, it can be for long-term use under -50 ℃ - + 150 ℃ environment, what’s more, the short-term use of the temperature can reach 250 ℃, without producing any damage. The physical and chemical properties of our PU/PIR rigid foam is very stable, once reaction molding, It will not rot, Plasticized, corrosion, toxic. it is also insoluble in most solvents, not be affected by waste gas and industrial gases,

5、Excellent fire performance

PU/PIR rigid foam material can reach building materials flame retardant standards B1 or B2 grade.  The polyurethane rigid foam do not produce melting of the burning material as the surface will be carbonization in case of fire, thereby it can inhibiting the spread of fire with high ignition. The fireproofing experiment of the polyurethane thermal insulation system made by the Chinese Academy of Building Science has shown that the outer wall insulation system of the polyurethane foam is not transmitted in the event of fire burning, and the flame-retardant performance can fully meet the requirements of the fire protection standard of the building exterior wall.

Product parameters :

1、Thickness: 20mm、25mm、30mm(can be customized)


3、Fire-rating: flame retardant B level

4、Density: 40-45kg/m³

5、Water absorption: 1.9%

6、Thermal conductivity: (0.018-0.024)W/(m•K)

7、Heat resistance-265 ~ +190°C

8、Wind pressure strength≥1500Pa

9、Bonding strength0.11

10、Bending Strength:718KPa

11、Compressive strength144KPa


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