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Double-sided stainless steel duct is made of stainless steel composite sandwich panel. The stainless steel plate has type of 201, 321, 304, 310 ,316 etc., It can also be customized according to customer requirement. Insulation materials are usually polyurethane, phenolic foam or XPS extruded board .

Stainless steel duct type

First, polyurethane stainless steel composite duct

It is a kind of duct uses polyurethane foam as the core material with the inner and outer surface made of stainless steel composite sandwich panels.

compared with the traditional metal duct, the outstanding advantages are:

1, light: the average weight of the metal duct is 1/3, which effectively reduces the load on the building and the construction of labor intensity;

2, no air leakage, no cold bridge: compared to the metal duct sealing connection, the product uses the same glue with the polyurethane foam, all the cracks are filled with polyurethane foam, so the air leakage will never occur;

3, no noise: Absorbing vibration and echo ,which completely eliminate the noise during the operation of traditional metal duct .

4, the integration of design: duct and insulation materials combine into one, no need of secondary insulation construction, thereby enhancing the construction efficiency, and save the construction space caused by the secondary construction.;

5, short duration: because of light, integrated design and mature construction technology, the duration can shorten about 1/5 compared to metal duct;

6, energy-saving insulation: the thermal conductivity of the product is only 0.0197w / mk, compared with glass wool 0.047w / mk, the insulation effect is more than twice on the basis of the same thickness

7, environmental protection: our company is a professional manufacturer of polyurethane Panel which meet the international environmental requirements of the State Environmental Protection Agency ,it is fluorine-free, formaldehyde, but glass wool is carcinogenic substances, if infected with skin itching, we will feel swelling;

8, maintenance-free, long life: 5 years warranty, warranty 20 years, the longest life is up to 80 years;

9 beautiful.

Second, phenolic stainless steel composite duct

Phenolic stainless steel composite duct is a kind of composite sandwich panel made of phenolic foam core material .which through inorganic chemical reaction of phenolic foam resin, curing agent, foaming agent with the inside and outside of stainless steel plate made.

Its main features are:

1, duct surface smooth, , surface bright , especially for suitable for the outside installing .

2, the duct system has passed the detection of the authority of the state departments, It is non-combustible level A products with smoke-free, non-toxic which is in line with national high-rise building fire safety standards.

3, good thermal insulation performance, the thermal conductivity of composite duct panel is between 0.016w / m.k-0.0220w / m.k which can greatly reduce the cooling loss of air conditioning.

4、Light weight, high strength, especially the outer surface of the duct is very hard, impact resistance.

5、Easy installation, short production cycle.

6、Air duct insulation integration, do not need to reserve the high space, after the scene is completed, it can directly hanging to the surface layer to install. It can reduce the building height requirements, not only greatly saving construction costs, but also save the ceiling space.

7、With superior sound insulation, noise reduction function.

Third, XPS stainless steel composite duct

Internal is the independent closed bubble structure, the external is stainless steel, with high compression, non-absorbent, moisture, airtight, light, long life, low thermal conductivity, lasting thermal insulation

Environmental protection

1、XPS insulation board will not break down and mildew, there is no harmful substances volatile.

2、Stable chemical stability and simple production, easy maintenance

The insulation duct panel can be installed in the construction site, only need a simple special tool to cut and wipe plastic molding, with a special flange plug combination, and finally sealed with a sealant .The lift steel and accessories is simple and light, therefore, it is in less labor and fast progress, 2-3 times faster than the traditional installation, not only saving labor costs, but also reduce the construction risk.

In the process of use, any place is free to cut and repair when damaged, what’s more, the maintenance is very convenient.

Application of stainless steel composite duct

Stainless steel composite duct is widely used in subway, medicine, senior office buildings, military, commercial center and other construction projects.

Characteristics of stainless steel composite air duct

Compared with other composite duct, stainless steel composite duct corrosion resistance, resistance to atmospheric corrosion is particularly good, so the service life is longer.

Construction Technology of Stainless Steel Composite Duct



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