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XPS Panel is an air conditioning high temperature replacement products, which selected the world's most advanced XPS polystyrene extruded board as the core insulation material with surface evenly and a complete closed-type honeycomb structure, it has features of good thermal insulation, good moisture proof , high pressure airtight, non-absorbent, decay, no degradation, does not pollute the environment.

Compared with the traditional polystyrene materials, it has improved in the compressive strength, thermal insulation, water vapor permeability , it’s energy-saving effect is obvious. the core material is independent closed bubble structure ,it is a kind of environment-friendly insulation material with outer layer steel sheet or aluminum foil sheet which has features of high compression resistance, non-absorbent, moisture-proof, airtight, light weight, corrosion resistance, long service life and low thermal conductivity.

The material is non-toxic, flame retardant, safety, it’s insulation has greatly been guaranteed. Insulation performance, leakage, mechanical strength and other performance indicators are excellent. At the same time, the core material also absorbs noise, reducing the characteristics of vibration.

   XPS Panel is in light weight, support structure is simple, which effectively reducing the load of the building. Compared with the same section of high temperature duct, small size and dark cover can maximize the ceiling height.

Beautiful surface, the outer surface can also brush color paint. It is industry's most inexpensive moisture-proof insulation materials. XPS Panel is applicant in industrial and all kinds of air ventilation engineering installation, it is widely used in food processing, machinery manufacturing, pharmaceutical products, electronics industry, shopping centers, cotton textile, sports and entertainment venues, hotels, guesthouses , Supermarkets, office buildings, government agencies, small villas, aerospace manufacturing and other fields. (This duct is not suitable for strong acid or strong alkaline)

Product Parameters:



 3、Fire-ratingGB8624—2006): Flame retardant level B1

4、Dnesity:30-35 kg/m³

5、Water absorption≤ 1.5%

6、Thermal conductivityUnder temperature 24℃,Thermal conductivity is less than 0.03 w/m·k

7、Air leakage rate: 1.2%

8、Wind pressure strength1500pa

9、Dimension Stability:2%


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