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     “Youshi” fiberglass duct is a new type duct which apply to the new technology and new materials to develop , based on ultra-fine glass fiber, with a special processing compound made. It has the functions of light weight, small air leakage, small installation and quick installation, good ventilation, reasonable price and small space for the use of anti-mildew and anti-bacterial and other functions in the inner layer and so on. Especially its excellent insulation and muffler performance is preferred by the majority of users. Compared with the traditional duct, it can also help to save the user about 20% of the pipeline system investment.

 “Youshi” fiberglass duct board is made by cutting tools, bonding, sealing tape sealed and reinforced. The double layer of fiberglass duct board is glass fiber cloth composite aluminum foil or inner protective layer for the glass wool board, the outer layer is steel sheet. Glass wool board using the centrifugal method of the formation of glass fiber resin paste by hot pressing, curing molding.

The fiber glass composite duct has a good insulation and muffler performance as its sandwich layer is porous light material with low thermal conductivity and coefficient sound absorption. at the same time, the duct has characteristics of light weight, short construction period , fireproof, Moisture-proof, no harmful volatiles, beautiful appearance, long life, low cost.

     Compared with galvanized steel duct ,it can save more than 30% cost of the project, not including the cost of saving field equipment. It is the most economical and applicable HVAC system for low and medium pressure HVAC system .

“Youshi” fiberglass duct features: light material, simple production, clean. achieving fire safety standards level A. Beautiful and durable, non-toxic harmless, safe to use, one-time investment without maintenance costs.

Product Parameters



  3Fire-ratingNon-combustible level A


  5Water absorption≤0.6%

  6Thermal conductivity: less than 0.040w/m·k

  7Heat resistance:-50-120℃

  8Wind pressure strength:≥1000pa


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