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"Phenolic, polyurethane wall insulation board"

Phenolic, polyurethane wall insulation board is a new type of internal and external wall insulation materials that we developed, it is closed-cell rigid foam that made of Phenolic resin with resin flame retardant, smoke suppressants, curing agent and other additives in it with double-sided non-woven. It’s characteristics is no-combustible, low smoke. In the field of the insulation and impermeable water, especially fire protection is far better than other insulation materials. It overcomes the shortcomings of the insulation materials flammable, smoke, heat deformation.


Phenolic, polyurethane internal and external wall insulation board performance characteristics

1, good insulation, can greatly reduce the heat loss

2, completely non-flammable, in line with modern building fire protection requirements

3, light weight, can reduce the construction load, and easy to install

4, durable, long service life

5, energy saving and environmental protection obvious advantages

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