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”Youshi” magnesium Oxide Board is a new type of high-tech composite sheet, the product selected high quality magnesium oxide, magnesium chloride, alkali-resistant glass fiber cloth and inorganic adhesives rolled by modern technology, it has features of light weight, high strength , Not burning, noise, heat insulation, moisture-proof, waterproof, long life and so on. It is a new generation of energy-saving duct that can replace inorganic glass duct and glass fiber duct .The product structure is three-layer composite, that is, two layers of high-strength inorganic materials and the middle layer of insulation materials.


”Youshi” magnesium Oxide Board is mainly used in construction, decoration, fire and other fields, especially for restaurants, hotels, shopping malls and other crowded places of decoration and the basement, air defense and mine and other wet environment projects.


Youshi” magnesium Oxide Board Features:

1、excellent fireproof performance

Youshi” magnesium Oxide Board Feature is one-time composite by the non-combustible inorganic materials and insulation materials , It can reach non-combustible level A according to Inspection and Testing of the National Fire Building Materials Quality Supervision. The special glue and accessories are non-combustible level A materials.

2、high strength performance

Youshi” magnesium Oxide Board has high strength, its bending strength is greater than 1.8MPa, can withstand 3000Pa wind pressure which meet the requirement of high, medium and low pressure air system.

3、excellent moisture resistance and water resistance

Youshi” magnesium Oxide Board is waterproof, in the humid environment, it will not rust, corrosion, even immersed in water, it can still maintain a high strength, its wet strength is higher than 97%

4、improve the ceiling net space

Youshi” magnesium Oxide Board is no need to use flange to connect,, eliminating the height of the flange, you can improve the ceiling net space.

5, light weight, reduce the load on the building

You appropriate The weight for “Youshi” magnesium Oxide Board 7.5kg per square meter, it is 25% lighter than the metal duct, it can effectively reduce the building load.

6, beautiful appearance

“Youshi” magnesium Oxide Board is with no flange connection, the bottom is flat and beautiful.

7, improve the indoor air quality

 “Youshi” magnesium Oxide Board will not rust, mold, dust, breeding bacteria, fungi, there is no dust and fiber, no smell, will not produce granular, gas-like pollutants and bio-plastic, It can improve air quality.

8、environmentally protect products, harmless to humans

 “Youshi” magnesium Oxide Board is a kind of green building materials, it has taken effective environmental protection measures from the aspects of raw materials, process recipe and production process. It will not produce material for environmental pollution. even in the case of fire, the smoke generated will never contain toxic substances. So it is an environmentally friendly duct.

9, long life, saving long-term service,saving investment cost

“Youshi” magnesium Oxide Board is design reasonable, reliable performance, quality stability with the service life more than 20 years

Product Parameters:

  1、Fire-rating(GB8624-1997): Non-combustible Level A


  3、Density [kg/m3]:<8.0kg/m³



  6、Air leakage rate: ≤2%

 7、Water absorption : ≤23%

  8、Flexural load: :≥1200N

  9、Softening coefficient: :≥0.75

  10、Ventilation pressure:≥3000pa

  11、Bending strength: ≥.8Mpa

  12、Thermal conductivity: ≤0.028W/(m•K)


In line with GB50243-2002 "ventilation and air conditioning construction quality acceptance of the" requirements

In line with GBJ16-87 "architectural design fire safety requirements" requirements

In line with GBJ19-87 "heating ventilation and air conditioning design specifications" requirements

In line with JGJ26-95 "civil building energy efficiency design standards" requirements

In line with GBJ304-88 "ventilation and air conditioning project quality inspection and evaluation standards" requirements

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