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”Youshi”brand phenolic panel is a new type of high-tech composite sheet with high quality phenolic foam in middle layer , galvanized steel sheet in the outer side, embossing aluminum foil in the inner side. Phenolic foam insulation panel is called "the king of insulation" as it has superior characteristics such as good flame retardant properties, low thermal conductivity, excellent sound absorption performance, long service life and so on. Because of all these, it has been widely used in central air conditioning duct, hot and cold transport pipeline, clean plant, shopping malls, light fast loading, cold storage, refrigerated trucks, Ships, hotels and entertainment boxes, etc

“Youshi Brand Phenolic Panel Features:

1. Good heat insulation which can greatly reduce the heat loss of air conditioning.

The thermal conductivity of “Youshi”brand phenolic panel is 0.016 ~ 0.036W / (m • k), while the galvanized steel ducts and FRP ducts have much higher thermal conductivity.

2.Good muffler

The blend of the “Youshi“ phenolic composite duct panel is a porous phenolic foam material which penetrates each other and has good muffling properties, so there is no need to set up muffler accessories such as muffler and muffler elbows.

3. Light weight, can reduce the construction load, and easy to install

The weight of Phenolic foam Insulation Panel is about 3kg / ㎡,however, galvanized sheet (0.8mm thick) and FRP (3 mm thick) are 7.08 kg / ㎡ and 15 ~ 20 kg / ㎡, which can greatly reduce the load of the building, and the installation of the duct is very favorable.

4.Durable, long service life

“Youshi”phenolic panel have a service life of at least 20 years which is 3 times more than the traditional duct. In addition, “Youshi” phenolic Panel re-use rate is up to 60% to 80%, while the traditional duct can hardly be reused.

5. Can shorten the construction period

“Youshi” phenolic panel is easy to install than the traditional duct with light weight. When hoisting, the required hanger is simple ,there is almost no mechanical. What’s more, the simple making method completely break through the traditional process, greatly shorten the construction period.

6. Health

“Youshi” phenolic panel surface seals with aluminum foil which ensure the transmission medium health and avoid secondary pollution, and the inner layer of non-condensable water, no rust.

7. beautiful, suitable for the installation.

“Youshi” phenolic panel can be made into a variety of colors, especially suitable for the installation. The surface of the traditional ducts need to carry out the work of aluminum foil wrapped, so the effect is not very good.


8. Wide range of applications

“Youshi” phenolic panel can be widely used in industrial buildings, civil buildings, hotels, hospitals, office buildings and other special requirements.

Product Parameters:

1、Thickness: 20mm、25mm、30mm(can be customized)


3、Fire-rating: Non-combustible Level A

4、Density:150-370kg/ m³

5、Water absorption: 3.7%

6、Thermal conductivity: 0.024-0.034W/(m•K)

7、Heat resistance-150 ~ +150°C

8、Wind pressure strength3000Pa

9、Bonding strength0.18MPa

10、Bending strength≥于1.1MPa

11、Air leakage rate ≤1.2%

12、Heat Resistance:0.86㎡K/W

13、Smoke Density:≤9,No poisonous gas release

 14、Formaldehyde release quantity:0.5MG/L≤1.5,National standard≤1.5,reach the indoor living environment standard.


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